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Ibrahim Ahmed Mohammed Hamiduddin


He is an accomplished pharmacist and a business executive with 26 years of experience. He had worked as Medical Rep, Scientific Office Manager, Regulatory Manager, Key Account Manager, Logistics Manager, Tender Manager, Co-Founder, CEO and Vice President. As Chief Executive Officer of Socotra Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Hamiduddin aims to utilize his excellent years of experience in the industry to ensure Socotra Pharmaceuticals’ success in its transition in the Canadian market.

Abdullah Hasan Abdullah Al-Sunaidar


He is an intelligent, and accomplished business manager with 18 years of experience. He had worked as Internet Manager, Special Marketing Campaign Coordinator, Marketing and Development Director, Deputy Managing Director and General Manager. As Chief Operating Officer of Socotra Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Al-Sunaidar’s ability to optimize the company’s operating capabilities, and his varied experience in the industry will ensure that Socotra Pharmaceuticals continues to expand and surpass its short-and-long-term KPI’s in the Canadian market.

Emile Douaihy


He is an intelligent and soft-spoken management executive with a focus on fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). He has 26 years of experience in the Sales and Marketing Industry. He had worked as Technical Sales Engineer, Promotions Manager, Regional Category Sales Manager, Category Marketing Manager, General Business Manager, Business Executive Manager and Business Executive Officer. As Chief Marketing Officer of Socotra Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Douaihy’s in-depth knowledge in areas of strategic marketing, outsourcing, and people relations will be vital for its ability to thrive in Canada.

Radwan Shaker AlZalak


He is a tactical master who places a strong emphasis on results and execution. He has 18 years of work experience. He had worked as National Sales Manager and Head of KAMs. As Chief Sales Officer of Socotra Pharmaceuticals, he will oversee the execution and planning of driving revenue growth and sales strategies. Mr. AlZalak’s ability to lead the company’s sales and to meet growth and sales revenue targets with his extensive leadership skills will ensure the success of Socotra Pharmaceuticals in the Canadian market.

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